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Volvik VIMAT Golf Balls | 2019 Volvik Golf Balls | Aslan Golf

By Aslan Golf & Sports 29 April 2019 Leave a comment Go to comments

Typically for Beginners and Mid-Level Golfers this new Volvik golf ball has optimal feel and offers a low compression of just 55 making the Vimat more consistent and stable during flight.

It's Icosidodecahedron 372 dimple pattern gives the golfer more control and more fairways hit in comparison to other golf balls in this range.

The Volvik Vimat Golf Balls produce low Driver Spin enhancing maximum distance and superb control and spin around the greens

The full range of Volvik Golf Balls can be viewed by clicking the link below


  • - Extremely soft feel
  • - Extremely stylish pastel colour range with a matt finish
  • - Stable and consistent flight with mid-high trajectory
  • - Longer distance for slower swing speeds
  • - For golfers seeking more focus and a softer feel
  • - Consistent and accurate green control
  • Click Here to View The New Volvik VIMAT Golf Balls

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