Free Sun Mountain Dual Canopy Umbrella Offer

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Click the link below to see all available Sun Mountain Golf Bags in more detail. Remember every 2015 Sun Mountain Golf Bag and 2015 Sun Mountain Golf Cart Purchase comes with a FREE Sun Mountain Dual Canopy Umbrella while stocks last.

2015 Sun Mountain Golf and Cart Range

Nike Golf Lunar Control 3 Golf Shoes 2015

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2015 Nike Lunar Control 3 Golf Shoes

The golf shoe inspired by the game’s No. 1 player has quickly become an essential for many other top athletes — and today, the shoe is available to any player around the world. The Nike Lunar Control 3, the newest shoe to be unveiled by Nike Golf and available here in four colorways, including Black/Pure Platinum, Pure Platinum/Bright Crimson, White/Pure Platinum and White/Volt.

To create the newest iteration of the shoe, Nike designers incorporated feedback from Rory McIlroy, the No. 1 golfer in the world, and developed the ultimate lightweight performance golf shoe that is more stable and comfortable while maintaining lightweight control.

McIlroy first debuted the shoes at the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on Nov. 18.

Current Athletes Wearing the Nike Lunar Control 3:

Abe Ancer, Paul Casey, Kevin Chappell, Jeff Coston, Tommy Fleetwood, Oliver Fisher, Ross Fisher, Michael Hebert, Russell Henley, Brian Henninger, Scott Jamieson, Jamie Lovemark, Rory McIlroy, Seung-Yul Noh, Thorbjorn Olesen, Scott Pinckney, Patrick Rodgers, Kyle Stanley, Bob Tway, Kevin Tway, Nathan Tyler, Jhonattan Vegas, Lanny Wadkins, Nick Watney and Eugene Wong.

Rory McIlroy Debuts the New Nike Golf Engage Wedges

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With three sole grinds made from the hands of Master Craftsman Mike Taylor, the new Nike Golf Engage wedges are the newest solution to help athletes such as Rory McIlroy both score and escape adverse conditions on the course.

The name Engage comes from three important interactions between the golf club and the turf, the club face and the golf ball and the connection between the athlete and his or her equipment.

“To me, they perform really well from the rough around the greens,” McIlroy said. “The ball seems to consistently get up easier and land softer.”

McIlroy debuted the wedges today at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship putting a Nike Engage 59-degree dual sole wedge into play.

To better engage the club, ball and athlete, Nike engineers followed a similar design that is utilized in the Nike Vapor family of clubs, Modern Muscle. Modern Muscle shifts the center of gravity to promote stability and consistent turf interaction in even the worst of playing conditions.

McIlroy was one of the Nike athletes who tested the new wedge design and provided valuable feedback to Taylor and the Nike club team during the product development process.

The Nike Engage wedges are available in three distinct sole grinds: Dual Sole, Square Sole and Toe Sweep.


"Our aim in offering three sole grinds allows athletes to be more purposeful when selecting their wedges," said Matt Plumb, Product Line Manager for Woods and Short Game. "Each of these three sole grinds, which are driven by our experience working with our athletes around the world, provide a distinct advantage in the types of shots you can play with them. We work with athletes to maximize their performance by selecting a combination of lofts and grinds that suits the needs of their golf DNA."

The Square Sole was designed to be played with a squared-up club face while the Dual Sole offers two distinctive surfaces for a wide range of shots. The Dual Sole is inspired by grinds used by Tiger Woods and McIlroy.

The second-generation Toe Sweep grind maintains its superior performance as the best wedge from the worst lie on the course while improving versatility on tight lies. The wide toe and narrow heel width allow the club to be laid open at address and stay open through impact in even the deepest of grass.

The Nike Engage wedges are precision milled with X3X grooves to deliver maximum spin on full shots. The grooves have more volume and sharper edges to deliver a more consistent shot in any condition as well as a more consistent ball flight. The precision milling process that makes the X3X grooves is offered for the first time with the Engage Wedges.

Based on athlete feedback and testing, the Engage wedges will all utilize an athlete-authentic raw finish instead of chrome plating. The finish will reduce glare as well as increase surface roughness to improve spin and control.

The Nike Engage Wedges will be available from April 17 2015

Nike Engage Wedge Specifications

Square Sole (RH): 50°/11°, 52°/11°, 54°/9°, 56°/9°, 58°/9°, 60°/9°

Square Sole (LH): 52°/11°, 56°/9°

Toe Sweep (RH): 54°/9°, 56°/9°, 58°/9°, 60°/9°

Dual Sole (RH): 58°/13°, 60°/13°

Dual Sole (LH): 60°/13°

Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold S400

Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet, Black

The New Sun Mountain 2015 Golf Bag and Cart Range

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The New Sun Mountain 2015 Golf Range

So whats new in the Sun Mountain 2015 range that is going to make you want to have it?

H2NO 100% Waterproof Series

Sun Mountain H2NO Waterproof Ultralite Carry Bag - For the serial carrier of clubs. Lightweight, robust and built on the solid swift style. This bag comes in at four pounds in weight and comes in four distinct colourways.

Sun Mountain H2NO Waterproof Lite Carry Bag - The mid size bag in the H2NO range weighing in at just over 4.5 pounds and comes in five different colourways.

Sun Mountain H2NO Waterproof 14 Way Carry Bag - A 14 way divdided top with the features of the lite carry. 4.5 pounds and comes in 4 colourways.

Sun Mountain H2NO Waterproof Lite Cart Bag - 100% waterproof cart bag with seven different colourways. Perfect mounting system and complements the Sun Mountain Cart Range.

Carry Bag Range

Sun Mountain Front9 Stand Bag - Starting with the smallest in the carry bag category. 8.5" three way top and comes with the patented X-Strap system. The perfect choice for the lightest bag ever.

Sun Mountain Three5 Carry Bag - The popular carry bag has been improved again with its new easy on and off strap system. Many colourways to suit all golfers including a land handed option available.

Sun Mountain Four5 Carry Bag - The Ultimate cross hybrid bag. 14 way divider and cart friendly base give this bag the versatility needed for the cart/carry golfer. Available in 5 new colourways for 2015.

Cart Bag Range

Sun Mountain Tour Series Cart Bag - This locker friendly sized bag is a beauty. Multiple colourways and built like a tank. Look stylish in 2015 with this monster of a cart bag.

Sun Mountain Phantom Cart Bag - This 15 way cart bag is the mid range cart in this years line up. Dual handle mount to assist with unloading and loading the cart bag from the cart. Comes in 5 colourways.

Sun Mountain Sync Cart Bag - The most popular bag to use with the Sun Mountain Cart Range. Locks in place using patented technology. No more rolling around. If you've got a micro cart, V1 or the new Reflex cart then this bag is a must have. 8 New colourways for 2015, three of which designed for ladies.

Sun Mountain C130 Cart Bag - The best selling Sun Mountain Cart Bag ever. Comes with everything you could ever want and is built to last. 6 new 2015 colourways and comes with twin handles and rubber mounted feet.


The New Micro Cart 3. More robust and still folds away to fit in the boot of your car using minimal space. 4 Bearing wheels, brake and foam tyres make this cart a lightweight gem. Umbrella holders and accessory stations to boot.

The V1 Speed Cart is the 3 wheel version of Sun mountains Cart range. Brakes, Bearing wheels and foam tyres make this the deluxe of deluxe carts.

The Combo Cart is the New to 2015 range all in one cart bag and cart together in one. Folds away to nothing and this will prove the popular choice for golfers who dont want the struggle of putting everything together everytime you start and finish a round of golf.

The Reflex Cart - Brand new for 2015 this cart is a modified version of the micro cart. Simple and easy to fold away and maintain. A new option to the Sun Mountain Range for 2015.

Guru explains how to hole bunker shots - Part 1

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We have all done it, thought we've hit the perfect shot only to find out its landed in the bunker. Well I'm going to try and help you using this quick and simple tutorial.

1. The Lie

The lie of the ball in the bunker is usually the first tell tale sign of what type of shot you wish to play. The better the lie the more spin you can impart on the ball and this then creates control. However lets face facts how many times do we get these in a bunker?

Well the answer is not many. So as the lie becomes worse, so does the amount of control you have of the golf ball during the bunker shot.

You can get many different scenarios within the bunker, from plugged to sidehill lies. Therefore its important to adopt specific shots to suit as one bunker shot will not suit them all. However for this situation we are going to start with the basic bunker shot.

2. Club Selection

Its important to select a club that has the required amount of loft to get you out of the bunker first. Most people use the sand wedge or lob wedge for this shot, however both clubs will result in very different shots.

The sand wedge will often produce the more bounce out of both clubs and its bounce we require to produce a good golf shot from the bunker. Bounce is the over bevelling on the sole of the club. The clubs design is key to playing the bunker shot as the club should "bounce" through the sand and not create the digging effect of a lower degree bounce modelled sand wedge. Remember its important that the club travels through the sand without touching the ball and bounce on a golf club is essential to reproduce good bunker shots. So get to know what bounces are on your wedges.

3. The Shot

Its important to know what kind of shot your going to play before you play it. If you dont and you just hit at the ball expecting it to come out? Well its going to be a long day. First of all opening the stance can increase the overall loft of the shot, so its important to understand how much or if I need to use the open stance at all.

The quality of the sand and texture must be checked and this is normally done by wedging the a good foundation with the feet a good inch below the surface of the sand. This is the best method of analysing sand texture without incurring penalty shots.

After you have got good foundation your ready to play the shot. Remember if your playing with a slightly open stance you must always swing along the line of your stance for the desired loft. Crossing swingpaths at this point is not a good idea. Next thing is to relax a play as graceful a swing as possible. Remember 3/4 backswing to full finish with the club pointing to the sky always helps but sometimes this is not achievable depending on the area of the bunker you are in. As a golden rule try it.

For all golf lesson booking with the guru please call 0191 5294210 option 3 or contact either through facebook @AslanGolfLand or through Twitter @AslanGolf

Aslan Golf Introduces the Sun Mountain COMBO Cart 2015

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Since 1999 Sun Mountain have been at the forefront of the golf push cart revolution with the creation of the Speed Cart. The Speed Cart was the first push cart on the market that folded down with no disassembly required and was lightweight and small enough to be transported to and from the course with ease.

In 2009, Sun Mountain again reinvented the push cart market with the first four-wheeled golf push cart, the Micro Cart. Micro Cart folded 25% smaller and weighed 20% less while still carrying golf bags from the smallest stand bags to the largest cart bags.

For 2015, Sun Mountain is once again introducing a revolutionary push cart with the golf bag and cart in one, the Combo Cart. Combo will offer the club and accessory space of a cart bag and the ease and ergonomic benefits of an attatched push cart. The Combo Cart will weigh 18 lbs. and fold down to about the same size as the Sun Mountain C-130 cart bag. Given the unified nature of the bag and cart, Combo will offer an unheralded degree of stability and will in fact weigh less than the combined weight of a cart bag and push cart.

Click here to buy now

Hole in One?

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The scenario

Player plays his ball and it ends up in this position. Is this a........


1. A hole in one

2. Is it unplayable?

3. or something else?

Sun Mountain Micro Cart 3 Golf Trolley

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The New Nike Vapor Irons

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Why are Nike athletes around the world are adding the Nike Vapor irons to their bags — and picking up wins along the way. The irons meld craftsmanship with a proprietary Modern Muscle design to produce more efficient and pure strikes. Three models of the Nike Vapor irons — Vapor Pro, Vapor Pro Combo and Vapor Speed — are available today on and at retail locations globally.

But do they offer anything new?


Nike Vapor Pro Iron

Nike Vapor Speed Iron

Nike Vapor Pro Combo Iron

Current Nike athletes who have added the Nike Vapor irons to their bag

Nike Vapor Pro:

Stephen Ames, Scott Brown, Paul Casey, Kevin Chappell, Oliver Fisher, Tetsuya Haraguchi, Masamichi Ito, Rory McIlroy, Seung Yul Noh, Thorbjorn Olesen, Scott Pinckney, Patrick Rodgers, Shunsuke Sonoda, Bob Tway, Jhonattan Vegas, Michelle Wie

Nike Vapor Pro Combo:

Kevin Chappell (3-iron), Oliver Fisher (3-4-iron), Masamichi Ito (5-iron), Rory McIlroy (2-iron), Seung Yul Noh (4), Nick Watney (3-iron - PW), Michelle Wie (5-6-iron)

October Golf Whitburn Style

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View from the 14th Tee at Whitburn Golf Club.

The Club was formed at a meeting of twelve men in the Jolly Sailor Inn, Whitburn, on 2nd December 1930. Within a month, land had been rented from the Harton Coal Company, a Professional and a Greenkeeper were appointed and a Clubhouse pavilion (used by the Club until 1979) had been purchased.

By 1933 the Club had grown to 130 members and it was agreed to form a Company, limited by guarantee and we became "The Whitburn Golf Club Ltd."

The course was laid out in 1934 by J Morrison of Colt, Alison and Morrison, Golf Course Architects to produce an 18 hole par 70 course of 5635 yards. Morrison is also known to have designed Brancepeth, Wentworth and the Princes course at Sandwich and redesigned Lytham St Annes, Moortown, Royal Cinque Ports, Sunningdale and Wickham.